The electoral system and the basic arrangements for the election of the President of the Republic are laid down in the Constitution, in Articles 39 to 45. Article 39 stipulates that the President shall be elected by universal secret ballot. The candidate that secures more than 50% of the valid votes is elected. Thus, a majority system applies. If no candidate gets the majority of vote, a by-election shall be held on the same day of the following week between the two candidates who received the greater number of the votes validly cast. If only one nominee is presented at any election, then he shall be elected. Article 41 states that if due to extraordinary or unforeseen circumstances such as an earthquake, flood or epidemic it is not possible to hold the election, it shall be held on the same day of the next week.
The qualifications to be a candidate are limited to citizenship, to age – candidate must be 35 years old, and to a clean criminal record – not having been convicted of an offense of dishonesty or moral disgrace or deprived of eligibility “by court order”. Last, it is required not to suffer of a mental illness in such a way that one can not perform the duties of the President of the Republic.
The office of the President is incompatible with holding any other public office or post, including in the wider public sector, and the President shall not engage in the exercise of any profit or non-profit making business or profession.
The elected President of the Republic is invested by the Houseof Representatives before which he makes the following affirmation:

“I  do  solemnly  affirm  faith  to,  and  respect  for,  the  Constitution  and  the  lawsmade  thereunder,  the  preservation  of  the  independence  and  the  territorialintegrity, of the Republic of Cyprus”.

He immediately takes up his duties for a term of exactly five years.

The  election  of  a  new  President shall  takeplace  before  the  expiration  of  the  five  years’  period  of  office  of  the  outgoing President  so  as  to  enable  the newly-elected  President  to  be  invested  on the date such period expires.

In the event of a by-election, the term of the newly elected President is equal to the unexpired term of the President which he succeeds.
By-elections shall take place within 45 days of the vacancy of the office of the President of the Republic.