Each of us owes to this island. We must give today; we are indebted to our children who follow. This is not an offer, it’s a duty.

The website EKLEKTOR, about elections, politics and society in Cyprus, is being revived1. It offers more material than before, with the prospect to continue enriching it with data and information related to the above areas. It will also be a forum of expression and public dialogue. A source of information, with archive material, it is also a tool for doing research, available to everyone, especially the researcher. Access is free to everyone, in Greek and English.

EKLEKTOR presents the general context of politics and party life, and history in the RoC. It also describes the institutional framework, the State and electoral systems. Elections for the members of the House of Representatives and the President of the Republic, from 1959 until today, constitute the backbone of the website. We also include similar material about the Turkish Cypriot community.

For each contest, the user will find the following:
• A brief description, an analysis for each election, the context in which it was conducted, the participants and their key positions. General data on the content of the election campaign, the factors that determined the result, winners and losers complete the analysis.

The general results, with the number of votes, the share of parties / candidates, per constituency, and the allocation of seats in Parliament offer the overall picture of the contest.

For the first time, all candidates to the House of Representatives, from 1959 to the present, are included in a searchable database. In addition to the election year, the candidate’s party and constituency, one can search by gender, order on the ballot, the rank and the number of votes received. Within seconds, one can have, for example, which parties had the largest number of female candidates, when, where, and so on.

A unique feature of EKLEKTOR is the visualisation of results with thematic maps. All presidential elections are presented on interactive maps and graphs, at community and parish levels. Hundreds of maps and tens of thousands of graphs visualize the outcome of the election and the geographical influence of parties and candidates. All the presidential elections until 2008 are included in the detailed mapping, while ongoing work will include the latest contests. The same applies for the parliamentary elections of 1960, 1970 and 1976, with their peculiar plurality system and horizontal vote, as well as the recent ones, 2011 and 2016.

Articles and analyzes on current affairs issues complete the content of the website. The intention is to offer a forum of expression, contributing to the public debate.

The EKLEKTOR project, a life project, belongs exclusively to Christophoros Christophorou. Thousands of hours of work and tens of thousands of euro, exclusively from own funds, made it possible.

Special and warm thanks to A and G (they know) for their valuable work!

1 The website EKLEKTOR was first inaugurated in Spring 2001. Technology changes made it inoperative and forced us to redesign it so that it could work in the new environment.